ALICE/MOLLE Hybrid Rucksack

EDIT: This “build” is what we in the business call an example of “stupidmaxxing”. As in, I built this ruck without any experience with modern rucks and packs, and who apparently knew that rucks were/could weigh under 8lbs. I finally saw the light and just bought a Mystery Ranch SATL. There’s better stuff out there than milsurp my dudes. Please be better than me, and don’t use this for 3 years. ~Maid

(This post is a nearly verbatim copy of a now deleted Twitter thread from early 2019 detailing the steps I took to assemble the rucksack I was using at the time. I have since updated my configuration, but am reposting this due to continued requests for the instructions for building a “Maidruck”.)

At it’s most simple, the rucksack is a hybrid of both ALICE and MOLLE components built onto a DEI 1606AC frame.
The parts list includes:

  • DEI 1606AC packframe
  • ALICE Medium ruck
  • MOLLE MSS Carrier bag
  • MOLLE II kidney belt
  • MOLLE II shoulder straps (not the “Enhanced” varient)

(Load lifter straps are a highly advised and important part of this configuration that was not mentioned in the original 2019 Twitter thread)

The idea is to pair the comfort of MOLLE straps, frame and belt with an ALICE Medium pack and sleep system carrier. This is commonly done with a ALICE packframe instead of the DEI model and is usually called a “Hellcat mod”. I encourage you to take a look at the Hellcat mod blog post for more information, as this is based heavily on the Hellcat configuration.

To begin with, we have the 1606AC packframe and a set of MOLLE straps and waist belt.
The “AC” in the frame stands for “ALICE Compatible” which I’ll using for mounting the ALICE medium pack the frame.

Ideally the ALICE Main straps would run through the sleeping bag carrier’s webbing as well. For now the carrier straps run through the loops at the base of the pack, which works, it just could be tighter.
(This was later reconfigured and the main straps do indeed run through the MSS carrier straps. This is highly advised for stability.)

The carrier attaches to the frame with the top set of toggles (1️⃣) the bottom two (3️⃣) aren’t used. The carrier straps run through the frame, behind the waist belt as well. (2️⃣)

The ALICE Medium attaches by wrapping around the frame (4️⃣) Another view of the MSS straps (2️⃣) running through the frame.

The MOLLE shoulder straps attach to the FILBE frame with the bottom straps only. The top set just tucks away between the pack and the shoulder pad.

Again, load lifter straps attached between the shoulder straps and the top of the packframe are crucial. I have no idea why they weren’t mentioned in the 2019 thread. I have a hard enough time remembering what I ate for breakfast in the morning. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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